Artist : Rusli

Rusli was born in Medan 1916. The painter had the unique growth in the art of painting in Indonesia. Between 1932 - 1938, during the Dutch Occupation, he got the lesson on painting, dancing, music, literature, and philosophy, in Kala Bhavana Shantiniketan, at the University of Rabindranat Tagore in India. The long education that he got in the cultural centre in Asia caused his art works to have the East spirit. His strenght was from his contemplation of the object until the essence, so that the essence of the object appeared in his painting. The process of painting the objects was like the poem Haiku, that is emerging from the silence to be the effective, smooth, and still lines. Trisno Sumardjo regarded Rusli's art works as the manifestation of the East or Indonesian spirit springing from the process of contemplation.