Artist : Popo Iskandar

Popo Iskandar ( 1929 - 2000 ), eventhough Popo was graduated from Seni Rupa ITB ( the Department of the Plastic Art at the the Technology Institute of Bandung ) in 1958, he did not teach at his almamater. he tought at Seni Rupa IKIP Bandung ( the Department of the Plastic Art at the Institute of Teachers Training in Bandung ). Like other students of Ries Mulder, Popo finally, left the geometric style of his teacher. In the search of the aesthetic expression, he said that expressionism finally was the answer to the question of the education formalism in Seni Rupa ITB ( the Department of Plastic Art at the Technology Institue of Bandung ) to follow cubism. A painting is not merely the form of a structure, but it is the expression of the feeling. Such assumption was really the trace that always emerged from his working experiment in Bandung in 1944 with Hendra Gunawan, Barli, and Angkama. Besides choosing expressionism, Popo was doing the abstraction of the objects to reach the essential forms. Through the resolute colours and clear accentuation dominated by the white colour, the form was made in the unique and tight composition. That was the best creation from the combination of his learning experience and his creativity. He was well known with his art works through the certain abstraction in the various periods, namely "Rumpun Bambu" ( the bambo shrub ), "Kucing" ( the cat ), "Bunga" ( the flower ), "Jala - jala Ikan" ( the fishing net ), "Kuda" ( the Horse ), and "Ayam Jago" ( the Cock ). Upon his dedication and achievement as a painter, Popo got an award Anugerah Seni ( the Art Award ) from the government of Indonesia.