Artist : Subroto S.M.

Subroto Sm was born in Klaten on march 23, 1946. This painter showed his expressions through torso, the main objects and the mother and children figures in beginning his career through studying at STSRI 'ASRI' and was graduated in 1975. At his time of study in 1968, he got an award Wendy Sorensen Memorial Fund from the USA for his best work, Then he studied ceramic at Tokyp Gakugei University in Japan from 1975 to 1977. His last education was at the master programme of humaniora at UGM in 1999. Subroto was well knwon to be active in joining the national exhibitions, and several times in the international exhibitions, like in aSingapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philipine, and Germany. Besides that, he held the individual exhibitions twice, namely at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta in 1984 and at Galeri Milenium in Jakarta in 2002.