Artist : Nyoman Tusan

Nyoman Tusan was born in Tejakula, Singaraja, Bali on January 10, 1933. This painter developed much Balinese tradition visual idioms and values in his modern paintings. He studied painting formally at the Departemen Seni Rupa ITB from 1954 to 1960. Then he also got a scholarship to study painting at Royal Academy of Fine Art in Ghent, Belgia from 1976 to 1977. Besdides a painter he also taught at Jurusan Seni Rupa IKIP Singaraja and at Udayana University, also at STSI ( ISI ) Denpasar. He often joined the joint exhibitions in Indonesia, Belgium, Netherland, Japan, and Singapore. Nyoman Tusan got the cultural award Dharma Kusuma from The Government of Indonesian Republic in 1933.