Artist : A.D. Pirous

A.D. Pirous, at first, followed the syle of Ries Mulder, but finally he made the experiment with the free shapes. He, however, arrived at the abstract forms since 1970. Pirous also included the Arabic caligraphy and the etnic decorative style of Aceh. From 1979 to 1980, this painter got a chance to study in the School of Art and Design, at the Rochester Institute of Technology, in New York. After watching the Islamic art collection of the Middle East in New York Metropolitan Museum, and the great exhibition of the 30th Anniversary of the modern painting in the United States ( 1940 - 1970 ), he was aware to express the native origin of his birth place. This happened during his inspirative study in the United States.20  Pirous was one of the well known painters of Arabic caligraphy in the modern painting in Indonesia. He got the art award, such as from Koleksi Karya Seni Grafis Terbaik ( the Best Collection of the Graphic Art Works ) at the Art Show in Naples, and New York in 1970. In 1974, and 1976, he got the awards for Lukisan Terbaik ( the Best Painting ) at Pameran Biennale Indonesia I dan II ( the first and second Indonesian Biennale Exhibition ), in Dewan Kesenian Jakarta ( the Jakarta Art Council ). In 1985, he got Anugerah Seni ( the art award ) from the government of Indonesia.