Artist : Affandi

Affandi ( 1907 - 1990 ) was outstanding in a long period, since the Japan Ocupation to 1980's. This painter began painting through realism, then developed into impressionism. He was well known of his emphaty to the various sufferings of the people, and the reality of the people life became the rich source for his inspiration. His empahty shows Affandi's intensity in revealing the deep problems in the objects for his painting. His great attention in giving the meaning towards the form of the unending suffering of the people, animals, and other objects, made him a humanist. His style of painting was by applying directly the painting paste out of the tubes and washing his hands on the canvas. His artistic style was also formed during his adventure in the foreign countries, like India, the countries in Europe, the countries in the United States, and Brasil in 1949 - 1968. Some of the various awards he received, were Anugerah Seni ( the Art tribute ) from the government of Indonesia in 1969, the title Doctor Honoris Cauca from the University of Singapore in 1974, the Perdamaian Internasional ( the International Peace ) from the Institute of Dag Hammerskyould, Florence, Italy in 1977, and in 1978 Anugerah"Bintang Maha Jasa Utama" ( the Tribute "the Star of the Prime Great Service" ) from the government of Indonesia.