Artist : Hariadi Selobinangun

Hariadi Selobinangun was born in Ketawangreja, Kutoarjo, Central Java on juli 1919. He studied art by himself. He joined Sanggar Seniman mayarakat and Seniman Indonesia Muda ( SIM ) in Yogyakarta in 1946. During the Indonesia time of struggle he joined Laskar Tentara Pelajar. In 1958 Hariyadi founded Sanggar Selabinangun in Yogyakarta, and did monumental statue project from andesit stone for hotel or public room. One of his works is relief in Hotel Ambarukmo Yogyakarta. In 1956 he went to Mexico studying mural and museum, and finally it caused him to work in Museum Nasional Jakarta. Along his career of this artists haryadi only held one individual exhibition.