Artist : Tatang Ganar

Tatang Ganar was born in Cakuang, Bandung on August 19, 1936. The painter is well known of his high productivity and develops the social themes in his works. To fulfill his great talent to be a painter, after graduating from SMA ( Senior High School ) he went to Yogyakarta to study painting at Sanggar Pelukis Rakyat. Here he intensively studied and communicated with the great painters and artist in the city of culture. In 1961, he went back to Bandung and lived as a professional artist. On his 55th birthday, Tatang Ganar published his paintings in the form of a document entitled " Mangle " or " Bunga Rampai ". Thematically the book is devided into three parts, namely " Masa Kota kembang " ( The Time of Kota kembang " ( The Time of Kota Kembang ), " Balada Tanpa Nada " ( Ballad without Tune ), and " Warna Siang dan Malam " ( Colours of Day and Night ).