Artist : Sunaryo

Sunaryo was born in Banyumas on May 15, 1943. The artist Sunaryo applied much media like graphic, painting, and sculpture creatively in his abstract works. Sunaryo also made use of the traditional idiom sources in his works. He began his art journey through studying at Fakultas Seni Rupa ITB, and was graduated in 1969. Then he taught at his almamater and continued his study on marble sculpture in Carrara, Italy in 1975. Sunaryo got many awards for his art works, namely Second Prize on Graphic Competition IAA and UNESCO, Paris in 1978. He also got the award of the 10 Karya Terbaik at Philip Morris Indonesia Art Awards in 1994, 1995, and 1996. Sunaryo got the reputation for his experience in the individual exhibitions in the international exhibition, for example in the USA in 2001 and in SOuth Korea in 2003. In 1998 he founded the cultural centre for various art activities, namely Sunaryo Art Space in Bandung. His journey of art creativity and works have been documented in his book, namely"Sunaryo: A Stage of Metamorphosis", in 2001.