Artist : Abas Alibasyah

 Abas Alibasyah  was born in Purwakarta in 1928. During the Japan Occupation, he studied painting at Keimin Bunka Sidhoso to Barli and Hendra Gunawan. In 1955, after graduating from Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia ( the Academy of the Plastic Art of Indonesia ), he thought at his almater. He began his career of painting by applying impressionism style to express the nature and the life of the people. In 1960's together with Fadjar Sidik, G. Sidharta, and Handrio, he began developing the art forms of the abstraction in Yogyakarta. His observation on the etnic and archeological objects became his creative sources for the deformation of the geometric forms. Abas was also known as the painter who made the experiment with batik in the modern art of painting in Indonesia. with the etnic theme, and the experiment on it, Abas attempted to introduce the pure characteristics of Indonesia in the modern art of painting. Therefore, with his dedication and aesthetic achievement, he got Anugerah Seni ( the Art Award ) from the government of Indonesian in 1984. He also got Penghargaan Lukisan Terbaik ( the Award for the Best Painting ) in Biennale Lukisan Indonesia ( the Biennale of the Indonesian Painting ) in 1974, from Dewan Kesenian Jakarta ( the Jakarta Art Council ).