Artist : G. Sidharta Soegijo

G. Sidharta Soegijo was born in Yogyakarta on November 30, 1932. This sculptor is the pioneer of art modernism in Yogyakarta after his arrival from his study in Netherland. He studied art formally at ASRI Yogyakarta in 1953 and at Jan van Eyck Academie voor Beldende Kunst in Maastricht, Holand in 1957. Sidharta taught at ASRI in 1965, then moved to teach at Jurusan Seni Rupa ITB until he got his pension in 1997. In renewing the Indonesian modern sculpture, he intensely kept introducing the traditional elements. He was active in the exhibition activities and his many monumental works are well known in the world of Indonesian modern sculpture. Even in 1982 he held the retrospective Exhibition in TIM and in 2003 held an individual exhibition in Bentara Budaya Jakarta. Sidharta got an ASEAN Award for Bidang Karya Kebudayaan, Komunikasi dan Sastra in 1950 in Singapore. In 2000 together with the other sculptors the founded Asosiasi Pematung Indonesia ( API ).