Artist : Ivan Sagita

Ivan Sagita was born in Malang in 1957. He studied painting at Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa Yogyakarta ( Yogyakarta Visual Art High School ). He was graduated in 1979. He, then, continued his study at Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain ISI Yogyakarta ( Faculty of Visual Art and Design of Indonesian Art Institute in Yogyakarta ). He was graduated from this institute in 1985. Ivan was also listed as a member of Sanggar Bambu Yogyakarta ( Yogyakarta Bamboo Art Centre ). The search for his aesthetic expression reached the forms of surrealistic tendency. He got several awards for his achievement of his creation. In 1987 and 1989, he got an award of Biennale Seni Lukis Jakarta ( Jakarta Painting Biennale). In1996, he got Silver Medal, the Osaka Triennal, in Japan. In 1998, he got Mainichi Broadcasting System Price, The Osaka Triennal, in Japan. He was active in various exhibitions nationally, and internationally. He also joint individual exhibition at Duta Gallery Jakarta in 1988, and Drawing Exhibition at Northern Territory University Gallery, in Darwin,  Australia.