Artist : Achmad Sadali

Achmad Sadali ( 1924 - 1987 ) in 1958, Achmad Sadali got a chance to study painting in two weeks in Netherland sponsored by Sticting voor Culturel Samenwerking tussen Netherland Indie, Suriname, en de Nedeland Antillen ( Sticusa ). In 1957 he got the scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation Divisison of humanties to study in the United States, and make a journey to the art centres in Europe, Middle East, and japan. At the end of his process of creativity, he arrived at the abstract form. He passed his experimental process from 1963 to 1968. In 1980's, he really came to the peak of his creativity. He attempted to free the representation of the form from the nature, so that the elements such as lines, colours, spaces, and texture were really to get the spirritual awareness. The visual elements were transformed into the signs like a gold coloured triangle, broken planes, empty spaces, and the stroke of Arabic caligraphy. In the sociocultural impression of the society, all of the forms refered to the religious and stilnes of signs. Sadali was also well known as a strong devoted moslem. His creativity in his art works were always spirited by his experience with Al Qur'an ( the Koran ). With his pioneering spirit and achievement in the modern painting in Indonesia, he got an award of Anugerah Seni ( the Art Award ) from the government of Indoneia.