Sculpture : Anungga Rungga ( Lingga Yoni ) (Agoes Jolly - 1992)

Title : "Anungga Rungga ( Lingga Yoni )"

Artist : Agoes Jolly

Year : 1992

Material : Iron, Pipes, Marble Powder.

Dimension : 3,5 x 120 x 2,25 cms.

The installation work “Anungga-Rungga (Lingga Yoni)” (1992) is an array of forms consisting of an abstraction of suspended lingga and yoni, flanked on the sides by two gunungan. On the bottow is a steel frame construction, that includes white marble powder arranged in a rectangular form lined with gravel along the perimeter.

This installation work combines two character forms: an abstraction constructed from an image of wayang performance set next to a modern infrastructure construction. This work symbolically expresses the union of lingga and yoni on a stage of life, and this moment is supported and presented in the sturdiness of the modern building construction. This symbolism is a paradox, a contradiction and truth in the unification of traditional and modern values. The union of love in the world can be unlimited by the barriers of cultural values.