Painting : Valleys (Wakidi - 1977)

Title : "Valleys"

Artist : Wakidi

Year : 1977

Oil on canvas

Dimension 200 x 120 cms

The painting "Lembah Ngarai" ( Ngarai Valleys ) created in 1977, by Wakidi, represents the stereotype of Mooi Indie characteristics. The valleys meandering and lighted, and the mountain as the background, pictures the calm and peaceful condition of life. The rhythm of nature is full of attraction through the appearance of wood, houses from the village, tiles of rice field and rivers meandering lightly. Through the style of naturalism, Wakidi as the scenery painter, choose the smooth colour accustomed to the people for his object of painting.

During the Dutch Occupation in the period of Mooi Indie with is exotic romanticism, the noble painters, tended to support the cltural view giving the emphasis on the values of harmony. The naturalistic painting by Wakidi is the adaption of the influence of Dutch painters who came to Indonesia in the twentieth century. They brought the genre of Haagseschool, the painting of scenery from Den Haag, influenced by Barbizon painters of scenery.

The work by Wakidi is the manifestation of the general ideal type, developed by Mooi Indie painters, in painting sceneries. In thier paintings, they always expressed the calm situation with the grenness of valleys and mountains, rice field and trees, lakes, seas, and the waves. The calm situation is the ideal world, whole and not fragmented, as what romantic people imagined.