Painting : Shipwreck in Storm (Raden Saleh - 1840)

Title : "Shipwreck in Storm"

Artist : Raden Saleh

Year : 1840

Oil on canvas.

Dimension: 74 x 98 cm.


Like any other Romanticism paintings, Raden Saleh expressed his psychological turmoil, caught between delving into the imaginary and the real world. The combination of the two is manifested in a dramatic, emotional, and mysterious visual expression. Nonetheless, Romantic artists often work based on actual reality. In this painting, we can see how Raden Saleh expressed a dramatic struggle of two ships in the middle of a fierce storm. The harrowing atmosphere is expressed with dark, thick clouds and rising waves, damaging one of the ships. From the top corner, a ray of sunlight shines and is reflected in the waves—adding a dramatic touch.