Painting : Meditation (Sudarisman - 1989)

Title : "Meditation"

Artist : Sudarisman

Year : 1989

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 70 x 90 cms.

A priest closes his eyes and hands joint in the mediation, skulls, apiece of bush and a cat watching and a pair of breasts hanging beside and at the back.  The juxtaposition of the strange things produces the surrealistic situation.  At the time where the surrealism developed in Indonesian painting in 1980's, Sudarisman work often showed this tendency.

Yet, his tendency then developed into the synthesis of the contemporary theme and colour.  Through realism technique his works has the impression of the metaphysic, magic, and fantastic.  He often applied the figures and symbols of the world character.  The painting expresses the hard strive of mediation in confronting the temptation of fear, freight, and lust.