Painting : Untitled (Hans ARP - 1966)

Title : "Untitled"

Artist : Hans ARP

Year : 1966


50,5 x 33 cms.

In this graphical work, Hans Arp applies the principle of automatic drawing as advocated by the followers of Dada and Surrealism who worshipped the subconscious as their true reflection of truth. In this drawing, one sees symbols of sexual organs or biomorphic forms associated with the movement of zygotes in utero. These forms, with black outlines, float in a brownish yellow nuance, as though the fluid material is their habitat.

Hans Arp first appeared in the Dada collectives along with Romanian and German painters expressing the chaotic sociocultural conditions surrounding World War I that led to the nihillistic position of rejecting everything, be it moral, social, or aesthetic codes. The Dada school with its antiesthetic credo that produced cynical, mystical works, and caused shock, paved the way for Surrealism. Surrealism itself appeared with the influence of Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis that placed the subconscious as the reality of truth.