Painting : Red Primitive Mask (Suwaji - 1977)

Title : "Red Primitive Mask"

Artist : Suwaji

Year : 1977

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 90 x 140 cm.

The painting  " Topeng Primitif Merah " ( Red Primitive Mask ) in 1977, is expressionism style.  From the broad strokes and accentuation of small lines in detail come up the deformation of the mask in the expressive character.  The form of the black mask is accentuated by the colours of orange and yellow looks strong in orange and red background.  This painter intensely takes the ethnic object such as the form of this mask.  In intensely expressing the technical effect character, Suwaji also expressed the textural values to create the aura of archaic image.

Suwaji belongs to the painter who apply the ethnic objects in their works.  He took the objects of primitive sculpture, mask, puppet, relieve of temple, Lembu Bade, and cremation in his works.  Beside accustomed with the objects, Suwaji was also influenced ny the issue of finding the personal identity in Indonesian modern painting through the traditional art.  Like his fellow painters, Suwaji got his personal identity and was productive when the issue developed.  Beside the artistic values, this work also expresses the symbol of various characters people used and took the roles.