Painting : Untitled (Hans Hartung - 1989)

Title : "Untitled"

Artist : Hans Hartung

Year : 1989


Dimension : 55,5 x 76 cms.

In this lithographic work, Hartung expresses his poetics through thick black strokes of drawing with soft and vague edges. In this rhythmic strokes of vertical lines, one can feel the impulses of his soft feel in the traces of pencil or ink on paper. Such record of traces would certainly not appear as pure if the painter uses more complex and sophisticated medium, like oil or something similar. Aside from the technical aspects of spiritual dimension, there is certainly a concept behind Hartung’s work that enhances the overall expression. After abandoning expressionism, he then immersed himself in abstract art. In his latest works he seems to hold the strict spirit of French artistic expression, but still developing within the poetic sensibilities such as those found in works of German artists.

Hartung’s art is one side of a modernist stream that paved the way for the release of subjective values. In this stream, we note major styles like expressionism and abstractionism that have their own variants and schools signified by the uniqueness of their artists. On the other hand, the twentieth century marked by the existentialist philosophy gives even more room for individual freedom to explore subjective values in art. In this framework it is normal to see the various naïve forms and expressive grafiti considered as pure and emotional impulse in capturing the human spiritual realm. This lithographic work of Hartung’s also presents such a pure impulse of his spiritual realm.