Sculpture : Circle (Arsono - 1995)

Title : "Circle"

Artist : Arsono

Year : 1995

Cast Iron.

Dimension : 40 x 63 cms.

The sculpture “Lingkaran” (1995) is Arsono’s expression from the innermost depth of his soul that
stem from his appreciation of the purity of form. The sculptor created a massive circle figure resembling a solid, voidless ball. The solidness of this ball is expressed by the powerful iron medium. The colour like that of a blazing flame is reminiscent of natural motifs, strong and dramatic. Judging by the visual idiom and the denotative title, this sculpture purely intends to capture beauty and strength of form. This is consistent with pure abstract genre, often called Formalism.

Arsono graduted from the Indonesian Academy of Art (ASRI) that rose to prominence after the decline of the period of populist aestheticism. Along with other artists, he pioneered Formalism in the Indonesian modern art scene. However, as in other non-Western parts of the world, Modernism and Formalism in Indonesia still developed with ties to traditional values. One can s actually an anomaly in modern art.

With this aesthetic paradigm, Arsono treated the metal media to manifest spiritual values that have their origins in tradition. One can see the symbollic value of the basic iron circle shape that captures the essence of an unending and spirited process of identity seeking. It is an energy that continues to revolve, unbroken, and limitless. A manifestation of a whole and resolute desire to study and seek the purity of soul.