Painting : Nature Gate (Setiawan Sabana - 1991)

Title : "Nature Gate"

Artist : Setiawan Sabana

Year : 1991

Etching - Aquatint.

Dimension : 34 x 45 cms.

The work entitled “Gerbang Alam” (1991), is an abstraction of a rectangular gate building the edges of which have been worn away. The entrance gate is parabolic, also worn away at the edges. This gate is presented fully in a greenish black blue colour, making it seem monumental and archaic. However, this work is actually rather small in size, made on paper medium with the aquatint etching technique. The various artifacts done in abstract to pure abstract style typify the expression of ITB Bandung artists. The value reflected in this work is the magnificence of nature that is also transient and perishable.

Starting as a graphic artist, Setiawan Sabana was ultimately renowned for his diligent works with paper. His understanding of this material did not stop at treating only as the basic material on which to draw, rather, to a more essential understanding of the nature of paper. With his work and vision, he is considered to be one of the more dynamic Indonesian contemporary artists.