Painting : Potrait of Adolphe Jean Phillipe Hubert Desire Bosch (Raden Saleh - 1867)

Title : "Potrait of Adolphe Jean Phillipe Hubert Desire Bosch"

Artist : Raden Saleh

Year : 1867

Oil on canvas

Dimension 89,5 x 122,5 cms

Among his works that reveals the dramatic struggle of life, Raden Saleh also painted many figures potraits as the documentation and character expression. After learning painting from Cornelis Kruseman, he got a task from the Dutch government to paint the potraits of the Dutch general governors, namely J van den Bosch, H,W Daendeles, and JC Baud. The three paintings become the important sign of Raden Saleh's painting of potraits. Raden Saleh's paintings reveal the figure of the Dutch official stationed in Yogyakarta. The character shown is the expression of calm and honor of the feudal colonial aristrocrate.