Painting : Goddess (Nyoman Tusan - 1979)

Title : "Goddess "

Artist : Nyoman Tusan

Year : 1979

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 75 x 100 cms.

Nyoman Tusan'swork entitled " Dewi " ( 1979 ) is the abstraction from Chile, namely Furtile Goddess of Hindu Bali.  The figure of the goddess is abstracted through the moving body in broad red stroke accentuated with the curves of the body part.  As the centre of interest is the white Goddees face.  The background in yellow  with magic line motive places the figure of the Goddess becomming stronger.  Nyoman Tusan is a Balinese painter who synthesize the Balinese traditional idioms and the modern expressions in his painting.  Tunas often also uses symbols of triangle to illustratethe relation of men , nature, and God.