Painting : The Birth (Sutjipto Adi - 1985)

Title : "The Birth"

Artist : Sutjipto Adi

Year : 1985

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 140 x 200 cms.

This surrealist painting describes humans in anatomical layers of flesh standing in the middle of a room. The terrifying figure is connected to shadows on the floor depicted with tension, and on the walls as well as stairs, where death seems to be imminent. But at the end of the room, there are two children jumping in joy. This work seems to convey that there is new hope that can grow from birth, particularly in the middle of a world full of tension and fear of death.

Sucipto Adi is an Indonesian surrealist painter who developed himself in 1980’s. His work is a manifestation of his quest and search for the meaning of life. His personal style involves symbollic figures of humans, animal, plants, and forms constructed in geometric form in complex compositions.