Painting : Evil 2000 (Djoko Pekik - 2001)

Title : "Evil 2000"

Artist : Djoko Pekik

Year : 2001

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 65 x 75 cms.

The painting “Demit 2000” (2001) depicts the figure of a ruler expressing his rage. Agape, eyes popping in anger, this figure resembles more a talking demon. In the background, the subordinates are sitting, frozen and obliging. Deformed into a raksasa figure of wayang folklore and a strikingly contrasting colours, this work represents Djoko Pekik’s personal style since his formative period at Sanggar Bumi Tarung.

Pekik is one of Sanggar Bumi Tarung painters who contributed to the development of the revolutionary populist aesthetic vision in 1960’s. This view placed the people in contrast to the imperialists and oppressor-capitalists, along with their compradors, and this phenomenon continued to prevail throughout the history of this Republic, from independence to the recent Reformasi period.

This painting illustrates symbolically the violent nature of power supported by abiding servants of power. His harsh representation of power is implied by the figure of the ruler with the terrifying face of a demon.