Sculpture : Torso (Edi Sunarso - 1974)

Title : "Torso"

Artist : Edi Sunarso

Year : 1974

Material : Sonokeling Wood.

Height : 104 cm.

The wood entitled " Torso " created in 1974 by Edi Sunarso , is the advanced deformation of the form of the woman body.  The sculpture  is categorized into abstract style, considering the further change of the form, very different from the original.  Yet, in the rhyme of plastic form of sonokeling the figure of the woman is still recognized from the roundness, representing the breasts, wavy curves associated to anatomical partsof the body.

Besides being a monumental sculptor, this artist also supported the exploration of the sculptures on the individual lyricism.  In the long process of developing of the modern form, Edi Sudarso still oriented to the traditional sources, at last, he reached the abstract forms in which the traditional spirit and idiom are expressed.

This work shows how the artist expresesshis empathy on the human values through revealing the figure of the woman.  The human value exploration reached the essence of form, function, and aesthetic values of the parts of the body, and it bore the unlimited form.  This sculpture, perfectly presents the tenderness and beauty of the form, to reflect the human values of a woman figure.