Others : Open Your Mouth (F.X. Harsono - 2002)

Title : "Open Your Mouth"

Artist : F.X. Harsono

Year : 2002

Photo etching.

Dimension : 57 x 219 cms.

This work in four panels presents a narrative sequence of figures who are forced to open their
mouths to engage in an act of greedy consumption. From the right and left one sees a sign with a
drawing of cows connected to a glass of milk and hamburger. The figures have an empty expression like robots, ambulating without feelings, just following orders. Done in Pop Art, this work is a contextual expression representing Indonesian contemporary art.

“Open Your Mouth” is a response to the symptoms of sociocultural pathology. Our consumptive behavior is massively influenced by the capitalist policies that encourage artificial needs to be stuffed in our mouths and to just abide by them. Symbollically, this work also addresses the wider cultural implications of the consumer, wherein economic globalisation also leads to a uniform global lifestyle that undermines the diversity of local articulation in developing countries like Indonesia.