Painting : Balinese Girl (RM. Sapto Hoedojo - 1954)

Title : "Balinese Girl"

Artist : RM. Sapto Hoedojo

Year : 1954

Oil on canvas.

Dimension 90 x 75 cms.

A works of " Gadis Bali " ( Balinese Girl ) 1954, present an exotic Balinese young girl in traditional clothes.  The elastic body gesture sitting languidly with neive expression, shows a strong sign to express the natural personality of the village girl.  The realism style applied is able to reveal the facial expression, anatomic contour, skin colour, and beautiful attire folds.

In 1950's Sapto Hudoyo followed the aesthetic tendency that developed at that time, that is the seek and ekspression of the new Indonesia vision through the contextual views that stemmed from the strong local and public values.  The themes of village girls, who had to worked hard as well as who sat leisurely with natural expression were the typical expression idealized by the painters.  The meaning of the expressions is how the real beauty in the real truth, and not the artificial one.