Sculpture : Boat (Anusapati - 2000)

Title : "Boat"

Artist : Anusapati

Year : 2000

Material : Wood.

Dimension : 15 x 80 x 175 cms.

The wooden sculpture “Perahu” (2000) abstracts the lean shape of a boat with its four outriggers. In capturing the essence of form, this work can appear as a movement of the dynamic boat shape, complemented with the outriggers that provide balance in the rhythm of the movement. Anusapati has a strong style to present an abstraction of things that have been marginalised from the speed of technological advances. He is also skilled in processing wood material of any type, even from material considered worthless.

Through his choice of materials and object observation, Anusapati affirms his commitment to raise environmental issues. This issue is also a very current discourse in contemporary art in response to global environmental problems. This work intends to encourage people to value their increasingly marginalised traditional artifacts, because they contain the values of local wisdom of maintaining balance in the environment.