Painting : The Night Meditation (Nashar - 1978)

Title : "The Night Meditation"

Artist : Nashar

Year : 1978

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 137 x 137 cms.

Nashar’s painting entitled “Renungan Malam” is an expression about the purity of form, free from any representation or objects. Nashar presents this pure feeling through the rhythm of lines, forms, colours as well as space, emanating in a silent flow from the painting. However, one also feels a tumultuous energy in the nuanced vibrations of bright colours that bring forth these abstract forms.

Nashar explores the essence of human, natural, and environmental objects with intensity, and the essence is in how he expresses the totality of identity. Forms, simplified to total abstraction, actually reflect the psychological effects of daily life experience. Bright colours may not necessarily express brightness, but drama.

To achieve the essential depth of objects and the purity of feelings in his paintings, he formulated his creative struggle in his credo of ‘three nons’. First, non-concept, that is, as one begins to paint, one should not be fixed to any idea, concept, even style, relying only on the desire of the soul and intuition that will flow. Second, non-object. He believes that the intensity of the mood will encourage him to achieve a form or an object itself as he paints them on the canvass. Third, non-technique. He never starts off with a technical pattern, but will continue to adapt the methods in creating. With this credo of ‘three nons’, an artist is expected to go through a difficult process in order to preserve the purity of the soul.