Painting : Fii Sabiilillaah (Syaiful Adnan - 1977)

Title : "Fii Sabiilillaah"

Artist : Syaiful Adnan

Year : 1977

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 100 x 100 cm.

Syaiful Adnan’s work “Fiisabillaah” (1977) is a calligraphy of Quranic verses. Visually, the composition resembles the basic shape of khat kufi that has a sharp and edged character. However, Syaiful Adnan applied his personal artistic style to transformed the shapes further to resemble swords. The verse Al Hujaraat 15 is presented on a white background with textural planes and fractured lines to give it an archaic feel. This arrangement of visual signs create an image of a sacred text placed on a sheet with muted moss-green background.

In 1970, Arabian calligraphy revealing the versesof the holy Koran became Islamic idiomin Indonesian modern painting, together with the development the abstract and symbolic paintings representing  Islamic values.  The phenomena were in line with the appearance of the indication of great wave spirit in Islamic world in Indonesia after the fall of communism.  The development of calligraphy paintings, then followed by the national exhibition and significant Istiqlal Festival.  Since then, Syaiful becomes the potential painter of calligraphy.

The meaning cinveyed in this work is that of the verse Al Hujaraat 15. The faithful are those who have faith in God and His Messenger, and have no doubt in their struggle on the righteous path to spread the message of Islam.