Sculpture : A Couple (Wiyoso Yudoseputro - 1974)

Title : "A Couple"

Artist : Wiyoso Yudoseputro

Year : 1974

Iron Wood.

High : 74 cms.

One of dozens of three-dimensional works produced by Yudoseputro, “Pasangan” (1974) represents the creation period of 1970’s, when the academic approach became the dominant creative basis for sculptors in several larger cities of Indonesia. The universal value and the newness of the Western approach, introduced by the academia and higher learning institutions, opened the opportunity to develop unique expressions for artist, including Wiyoso, who was strongly influenced by these values. Wiyoso constantly incorporated other innovative approaches originating from the legacy of eastern art in general and local-traditional in particular.

“Pasangan” shows Wiyoso’s effort to manifest the universal ideas that form and signify life. Feminine masculine, yin-yang, lingga-yoni. The presentation of form is achieved by a figurative abstract approach vis-a-vis the two bodies that are united. This idea of unification can include the biological, cosmic as well as spiritual. This work shows an organic character and solidity formed by the composition of two figures embracing each other assymetrically, albeit with balance, enhanced by the strength and rigidity of the iron wood as his media of work. It conveys the feel of eternity from the unification of opposite entities that always try, however, to achieve equilibrium. The work “Pasangan”, like other works of Wiyoso, is a result of his intense reflection of the most original and essential values in life. The implied entity in the work “Pasangan” seem to also be influenced by the eastern worldview heavily imbued with the knowledge of traditional art history that Wiyoso studied as an academic.