Sculpture : Learning to Queue from Ants (Krisna Murti - 1996)

Title : "Learning to Queue from Ants"

Artist : Krisna Murti

Year : 1996

Installation Video.

Dimension : 400 x 800 cms.

In the installation work “Belajar Antre Kepada Semut” (1996), Krisna Murti, one of Indonesia’s very dynamic contemporary new media artists, presents an ironic image of how powerful lions must learn to queue from ants. The configuration of lions lined up with television sets before them presents an absurd situation. The lions are weaved into sculptures with dreadlocked hair giving a strong impression of figures from a backward world in contrast to the television sets in front of them that seem modern and technological. The television sets show a video of ants that seem to be more civilised judging by their discipline in queueing.

This installation work opens up a discourse about a clash of traditional and modern values. It also presents a symbolic meaning that powerful arbitrary rulers must learn from the ordinary people who may be weaker but more disciplined.