Sculpture : Praying Woman (But Muchtar - 1970)

Title : "Praying Woman"

Artist : But Muchtar

Year : 1970

Material : Bronze.

Height : 50 cms.

Diameter : 15 cms.

By the bronze sculpture entitled " Wanita Berdoa " ( Praying Woman ), 1970, But Muchtar expressed the idea of creation about the spiritual values of life.  The expression of religious surrender is conveyed in the figure of a woman in the position of lift her hands up.  The expression of the face lifted up strongly shows the expectancy.  The deformation of the body gesture is formed through the clumsy character of the bronze to show the elastic body concaves to represent the figure of strong woman.

But Muchtar is one of the important sculptors inn the era of the Indonesian modern art.  He is one of the pioneers of the paradigm of the universal humanistic aesthetics developed from the search process of the values of freedom and personality.  The lyrical expression is often present to represent the manifestation of the personal values and the representation of pure soul in which various emotions, intellectualities, and the spiritual values are contained.  This paradigm drives But Muchtar to explore the humanistic values which  becomes his character in his works.

In this work can be seen how the artist religious value found in it.  The lyrical expression of the praying woman figure is the manifestation of the exploration of the religious value shown from the depth of the concept and essence of forms.  The manifestation of the work expression leads the spirituality of man as the creature dependent to God.