Painting : Cat (Suparto - 1965)

Title : "Cat"

Artist : Suparto

Year : 1965

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 48 x 58 cms.

The work entitled " Kucing " ( Cat ) created in 1965 by Suparto is in the naive decorative of the expressionism style.  It expresses a cat and its kitties in a deformed form that gives the image of naively modest and smooth character.  Like his other paintings, the form of the cats is expressed through the lyrical lines to avoid the optic image of the anatomical flesh and curve.  The constant stroke of pastel colour give the suggestive nuance and expressive holding.

In 1970, when the populace aesthetic paradigm weakened,  the individual lyric works began flowering in INdonesian modern visual art.  In this trend, the expressive, decorative, and surrealist works also developed, beside the dominancy of the abstract style.  In this time developed the issue to search for the national cultural values in Indonesianmodern visual art.  In the context of space and time, Suparto was in the height of aesthetic achievement and productivity.

This work reveals that Suparto expressed the emotional quality and perception more than his objective observation on the cats he painted.  Therefore, beside expressing his perception, his painting symbolically gives the massage for love and tenderness.