Painting : Red and Black Serenade (Sunaryo - 1991)

Title : "Red and Black Serenade"

Artist : Sunaryo

Year : 1991

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 150 x 180 cm.

The three panels in this painting, each depicts the great stroke of the main black vertical lines framed by red and yellow colors.  The three dominant vertical lines representthe forms of poles with a character showing something burning. At the base of the poles the planes are drawn to represent a plain.  At the background  is the white plane representing silence.

Entitled " Serenade Merah Hitam " ( Red and Black Serenade ), at work wants to represent the color red for a romantic theme to express the lover song and the color black for sadness at the same time.  In this abstract painting this work by Sunaryo really come from the great concept of the mighty of nature and the value of fleeting of life.  In the context of the development of Bandung modern art, the exploration of the abstraction of forms and pure abstract were intensively developed.  These can be seen from the visual idioms applied by the senior painters such as Ahmad Sadali, A.D Pirous, Umi Dahlan, and Srihadi Sudarsono.

Symbollically this work exppresses the strength and fleeting as the universal values of life, as well as the romantic values of the burning poles as expressed through the title " Red and Black Serenade ".  This is a personal expression symbol of how man has to feel sad every time meeting fleeting.