Painting : The Space Dynamics (Fadjar Sidik - 1969)

Title : "The Space Dynamics"

Artist : Fadjar Sidik

Year : 1969

Oil on Canvas.

Dimension : 94 x 64 cms.

In the painting “Dinamika Keruangan” (1969), Fadjar Sidik expresses a rhythm of forms from two visual elements dominated by black and ochre, with red circles in the between that accentuate the whole composition, climaxing in a rhythm that exudes relief. If one finds circles and crescents in the painting, they are not at all religious representations often associated with the symbollic value of the full circle or a crescent moon. Similarly, the square clusters and black vein contortions are not an abstraction of magical snakes or insects. Rather, Sidik emphasises more the appearance of visual expressions on his canvas to create dynamics, tension, rhythm, or balance.

This painting is a manifestation of pure abstract achievement that has gone through a long creative journey, testifying to Fadjar’s modernist aestheticism. This journey began with his discontent as a romantic who had lost his ideal world, namely, the island of Bali that has mutated into an artificial dystopia. Having the basic modernist modalities, which he learned through his family and education, Fadjar still had to first go through a process of abstracting the natural forms that he liked. The decision to invent his own forms, which he often calls expressive design, without representing any forms in nature, has been his ultimate achievement and aesthetic ‘rebellion’. This ‘rebellion’ can be seen from the social perspective. As a modernist, Fadjar was struggling the Yogyakarta art scene that still strongly championed the populist aesthetic paradigm. His resolute stance, which crystallised this aesthetic concept, places Fadjar Sidik as an agent of change in the history of Indonesian modern art.