Painting : Balinese Mythology (Made Wianta - 1980)

Title : "Balinese Mythology"

Artist : Made Wianta

Year : 1980

Traditional oil on canvas.

Dimension : 84 x 54 cms.

Made Wianta’s work entitled “Mitologi Bali” (1980) depicts a predominance of abstract biomorphic
shapes with an archaic nuance. These biomorphic shapes are actually an abstraction of the classic rerajahan form. In Balinese classic art, aside from mantra scripts, rerajahan is another visualisation of supernatural and mythical beings. Aside from having a sacral function, rerajahan has highly artistic visual forms expressing a mystical atmosphere. As a contemporary artist, Made Wianta expresses an appreciation for these traditional values and shapes in a modern form.

In this period, Made Wianta’s works tipify how Indonesian modern artists explore their traditional sources. In the Western principle of modernism, with its avantgardist spirit, these traditional values are certainly rejected. In Indonesian modern art, however, with its diverse aesthetic paradigms, such tendencies have continued to develop since the time of Persagi until today.

This painting by Made Wianta is an expression that offers a symbollic meaning about the power of traditional values and the spirit of modern life. Artists with modern vision who still practice all the rituals and live in the locus of tradition would certainly feel with intensity the dynamics of such value transformations. This modern abstraction of rerajahan is a visual idiom that has a strong significance in that cultural soul.