Sculpture : Solidarity (Dolorosa Sinaga - 2000)

Title : "Solidarity"

Artist : Dolorosa Sinaga

Year : 2000

Media        : Fiber
Dimension : 84 x 100 x 29 cm

This sculpture depicts a group of women who sit together holding hands becoming a unity in togetherness. A woman on the most left side clenches her hand above full of power. There is also a pregnant woman who shows a woman’s nature as a mother. These abstractly expressed figures become a strong image of expressionist expression.

Dolorosa Sinaga is well known with his works that describe the woman strength, both as an individual figure full of life burden as well as agroup configuration fighting for freedom.  The socio cultural background of Indonesia this time coloured with the violation of human rights invites the artist to express it.  The meaning wanted to be expressed through his works is to remind us that in state of defect the woman really have the ceaseless energy.  The woman energy is close to the process of giving birth and life maintenance.