Sculpture : The Piper (Amrus Natalsya - 1995)

Title : "The Piper"

Artist : Amrus Natalsya

Year : 1995

Material : Jackfruit Wood.

Dimension : 134 x 120 x 45 cm.

In the statue " Pemain Seruling " ( The Piper ), 1995, Amrus Natalsya presented a figur in archaic aura.  The characteristics of such expression is really built from the sources of his experience in observing the Bataknesetraditional statues in his birthplace.  The body language of the figure of the piper still reetains the pure form of one piece of the jackfruit wood, so that it support the feature of character tense of the primitive art.  The robust and tense of his arms movements matched with the character of all figure of the statue.  Another supporting element is the colour of the cooper brown monochromatic with the colour accentuation of vermilion on the geomatric ornament on the dress, hat, and pipe.

As a sculptor, Amrus was verry well known in using wood by retaining the pure character of the wood.  He had also been known since 1955 with his monumental statue entitled " Orang-orang yang Tersita Haknya pada Senakala " ( The People who lost his Rightat the Dusk ).  The crafting of the figure of the expressive statue with the remains on all of his body applies the deformation technique to emphasize the expression of suffering.  In the lapse of long time, Amrus turned out of still retain the such way of the expression, like in the statue " Pemain Seruling " ( The Piper ).  The deformation of the piper's body also sharpens the figure expression on the deep nothingness.  With the various characteristics, now Amrus expand more on the themes, from the feature of mythology, like the statue " Perahu Nenek Moyang " ( The Ancestor's Boat ), to the actual phenomena such us the suffering of the figure in the statue " Bosnia ".

Besides, Amrus also continued revealing the complex structure of the Chinese town to create a comtemporary statues still with the archaic expression.  Amrus's statues are really the symbol of man's struggle.