Painting : Relax (Chusin Setiadikara - 1998)

Title : "Relax"

Artist : Chusin Setiadikara

Year : 1998

Crayon on paper.

Dimension : 53 x 72 cms.

This painting shows a beautiful gesture of a maid’s body wrapped in kemben cloth sitting in lamunan. The crayon material truly brings out the natural anatomy and complexion. The realist expression and the developments in pop style is indeed Chusin’s personal style.

The expression of the female figures involved in their various activities tipifies the painter’s conceptual basis. In his works, women are captured in market activities, in groups, or in lonely isolation. Chusin’s works symbollically reveal the various human dimensions of women, human as they are. They can be independent figures, as well as fragile characters isolated in silence.