Painting : Rampongan (Aming Priyono - 1974)

Title : "Rampongan"

Artist : Aming Priyono

Year : 1974

Oil on canvas

Dimension 100 x 125 cms

His painting "Rampongan" ( Marching Warriors ), created in 1974, is in abstract expressionism style. In general, the dominant colour of red, and movement of long lines above are the abstraction of the movement of the warriors with their attribute. Yhis work has the expressive character, from the use of maroon red colour accentuated by the colour of yellow and white, and supported by the rhythm of texture on the shapes and lines. The form expressed is actually from rampongan, a puppet, a march of warriors carrying weapons and attributes to a war. He is one of artists who created his works as his personal expression, restlessness, and spiritual adventure. Aming often explored the pure forms, beside the abstraction of forms of the character of various objects.

From the visual character and the title, the work enables us to interpret the value of the symbols. "Rampongan" implies the passionate and spirit, as well as the uneasiness. The values containing the contradiction exist in rampongan or mass of society. It can bring the feeling of peacefulness, as well as chaos.