Painting : Mother and Child (Subroto S.M. - 1983)

Title : "Mother and Child"

Artist : Subroto S.M.

Year : 1983

Acrylic on paper.

Dimension : 50 x 38 cms.

With highly spontaneus lines, the painting “Ibu dan Anak” (1983) reflects the painter’s intuition and appreciation of the loving relationship between a mother and a child. The shapes of the figures have been far deformed, but the gestures remain plastic, revealing basic movements of the anatomy. On top of that, the power of this painting, with its expressionist style, is enhanced further by the complex and artistic strokes in the background.

This mother-and-child intimate loving moment is a universal theme often expressed by modern artists. The paramount symbollic value conveyed in such theme is that humanity is founded on mother’s unending love, a vital element in the development of a child to become a generation that will sustain humanity.