Painting : Asking for Building Contribution (Tatang Ganar - 1965)

Title : "Asking for Building Contribution"

Artist : Tatang Ganar

Year : 1965

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 150 x 100 cm.

Even though delicately brushed with softcolours, the work entitled  " Minta Sumbangan Gedung " ( Asking for Building Contribution ) does not stop on the beauty lyric poem.  Tatang Ganar present a piece of life difficulties of the lower class people concerning education.  Through the expressive smoothness the figures faces each other to reveal the social problem in a family.  This can be seen through the " silent dialog " between the coarse figure of a father and a mother holding a smallest child.  This work tends to belong to the style of lyrical expressiosnism.

Among the works with the social theme Tatang Ganar's painting can be categorized  to have a sharep vision.  One of the characteristics is using in the satirical element us the main emphasisin the creation.  In the development of social aeshetic paradigm the expressions of Indonesian painters besides develops into the satire of the social problems, also rises sharply into the social politic problems.  Even in trying to make the society awareness the painters developed  the social theme arising between the capitalist and the worker's.  Such the theme can be seen from the works of Lekra painters with their paradigm of revolusionary social aesthetic.

The works of Tatang Ganar has not yet reached the revolutionary stage of social theme, yet expressively express the contextual meaning of the sociaty which  face the life imbalance.  Even though as the social comment on only asking for building contribution the problem may touch all the irritable dimension in their lives.