Painting : Legend of Jayaprana (I Ktut Soki - 1965)

Title : "Legend of Jayaprana"

Artist : I Ktut Soki

Year : 1965

Material : Oil on thin fabrics.

Dimension : 95 x 79 cms.

The work entitled " Legenda Jayaprana" ( Legend of Jayaprana ) created in 1965 by I Ktut Soki, is the expression in the style of Young Artist.  In this style the visual characteristic is the naive decorative expression of the light and rich forms and colours.  This work present the classic episode of Jayaprana and Layon Sari in the frame tragedy and loyality to the authority.  In this painting, Layon Sari is in Sang Raja ( The King ) holding, while Jayaprana is sent to wage war, but is killed in King's treason.  In the sky, are Ratih and Kamanjaya wearing an atribute of a great umbrella, watching the tragedy event.

The works of Yaoung Artist are the new form of Balinese painting, when Bali was full of tourism development and influence paint are rich with the daily moment in the traditional as well modern setting.  However, various traditional legends were still presentedin the works of Young Artist, and I Ktut Soki, because they were still strongly relate to Balinese traditional life.

This work contains the massage of the beauty and tragedy of life, every where and age.  This legend give moral lesson about the loyality toward love and country.  Moraly, the loyality is always tested by treason, and the mean and violence are the power to destroy them.