Painting : Dialogue (Boyke Aditya K.S - 1991)

Title : "Dialogue"

Artist : Boyke Aditya K.S

Year : 1991

Acrylic on canvas.

Dimension : 110 x 130 cms.

A fantastic atmosphere and a mystical image is implied in Aditya’s surrealist work entitled “Dialog” (1991). In an imaginary realm, bodies are entangled in veins that form a labirynth. A red human-animal figure extends its hands, seemingly in a dialogue with a green figure riding a buffalo. This work presents idioms originating in the traditional wayang art as well as stylisation of various other traditional arts. Thus, as a surrealist expression, this work can be categorised as a biomorphic surrealism as it uses the visual idiom of stylised living beings.

The surrealist trend was a dominant period in the history of Indonesian art, especially among Yogyakarta painters. This style appeared as a continuation of the aesthetic paradigm of universal humanism that emphasised personal freedom and expressed the artist’s search for identity. In this style, many artists produced works by exploring sociocultural concepts and themes with an emphasis on local and traditional values. Boyke Aditya’s work, for instance, addresses the ironies of social life and personal symbols extracted from myths and legends of Javanese and other cultures.

In this work, the artist expresses a dialogue or a communication problem between an imaginary world originating from the supernatural, spiritual, as well as religious realm. Even in modern life, myths and a worldviews that are still one with nature and identify the problem of transcendence as supernatural, still prevail in many cultural practices. Boyke Aditya, who indeed lives in Javanese and Sundanese culture that still subscribe to local belief systems, strives to reflect the various symbollic problems of such life values. The fantastic atmosphere is a reflection of human limitation in understanding the transcendental powers.