Sculpture : First, Second, Third, and Fourth Life (Marida Nasution - 1997)

Title : "First, Second, Third, and Fourth Life"

Artist : Marida Nasution

Year : 1997

Mixed Media
Variabel Dimension

This contemporary graphics artwork represents daily urban life in Jakarta as well as a contemplation on the meaning of those people’s existence in Jakarta. This artwork is a serigraph printing on 30 acrylics (plexiglass) and consists of 4 parts. The first part is 10 lines of serigraph acrylics visualizing “Tukang Jual Koran” (newspaper seller) in light blue. The second part consists of 8 lines of serigraph acrylics displaying “Wanita Penjual Jamu” (herbal drink seller) in bronze red. The third part consists of 7 lines of serigraph displaying “Tukang Asongan Minuman” (beverages seller) in light green. The fourth part is 5 lines of serigraph acrylics visualizing “Pengemis dengan Anak” (a beggar and a child) in light yellow.