Sculpture : First, Second, Third, and Fourth Life (Marida Nasution - 1997)

Title : "First, Second, Third, and Fourth Life"

Artist : Marida Nasution

Year : 1997

Material : Mixed media.

Marida Nasution’s contemporary graphic art work entitled “Kehidupan I, II, III, dan IV” (1997) was made using silk screen technique on transparent mica arranged in four parts. In blue, lined and layered, are women selling traditional jamu in red, drink vendors in green, and women holding children in yellow. Overall the work with the transparent mica medium and the frame create an image of a modern space.

This artist often expresses her empathy for the struggle of life. In the developments of Indonesian contemporary art, aside from the desire to expand new mediums, there is also the strong urge to express contextual problems in the life of the society.

Marida’s work symbolises the burden of life of marginalised groups in society in a setting of modern urban display. These figures are presented in a transparrent and layered array implying the difficulties of life in a complex social system. In addition to bringing renewal, this work also exhibits a strong humanist spirit.