Painting : Ceremony (I Ketut Tagen - 1965)

Title : "Ceremony"

Artist : I Ketut Tagen

Year : 1965

Material : Oil on textile.

Dimension : 58,5 x 88 cms.

The work of I Ktut Tagen which is decorative with light colours and naive forms was known as the style of Young Artist.  Another visual characteristic namely the use of bird-eye-view perspective ( aerial perspective ) enables the object to be visible on the wide plane land.  In this painting, the panoramic view of the religious ritual activities can not only be seen in the foreground, but also record the objects remote in the background.  The merry is seen in the escort of women bringing the offering, traditional instruments, and other attributes.  The object widen into merry rhythm with river meandring and kamboja trees, Balinese temples, and other buildings.

The works of Young Artist came into being supported by Arie Smith, a Belgian painter incidentally with the village childern of Panestanan, Ubud, Bali.  Influenced by Arie Smith the talented village children of Panestanan developed into the painters with naives style of decorative characteristics.  Like the former Pita Maha painters, the painters of Young Artist depict the actual daily theme too, but still retain the strong Balinese traditional life.

The works of Young Artist like I Ktut Tagen give the impression how to renew the modern Balinese painting that has been moved by a foreign painter and the tourism still has the strong identity.  The renewal always undergoes the process through the creative interpretation based on the source of culture.  This creativity is called Balinese influx by the culture scholars, because they are still strongly tied to their massif tradition ties.