History of Indonesia National Gallery

The building is located at Koningsplein Cost No.14 Central Jakarta.   In 1817, G.C Van Rijk built an Indische Woonhurs on this lo by using materials taken from the remains of Kasteel Batavia.  In 1900 this building was a part of Education Building established by Yayasan Kristen Carpentier Alting Stiching ( CAS ) under the authority of Ordo  Van Vrijmetselaren by Priest Ds. Albertus Samuel Carpentier Alting ( 1837 – 1935 ).  This Dutch Colonial Architectured Building was used as Ladies Dormitory, as an effort  for the first education in Hindia Belanda.

In 1955, the goverment of the Republic of Indonesia forbade all activities by the colonial administration and Dutch resident.  The building and management of its educational activities were placed under the authority of the Raden Saleh Foundation, which continued the activities of CAS and remained under the auspices of the Vrijmetselaren Lorge movement.  Based on Decision Letter No. 5/1962, issued by the militaryauthorities of the time, and signed by President Sukarno, the Vrijmetselaren Lorge was banned an the Raden Saleh Foundation disbanded.  The schooland all of its facilities and equipment were taken over by the government of Education and Culture.